Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Nubar: Hot Orange and Noir Water Marble

I had a bad nail day yesterday. I had just removed my polish and was about to do a patch on a split. Then I moved something and it caught my nail and ripped it off shorter than a nail should be. OUCH! I ended up taking all my nails down so they are all short now (not as short as the naughty one :) ) It has been awhile since my nails have been this short and it does feel strange, especially when I am typing. It doesn't help that my finger is still sore.

I still decided to have a go at my first water marbling.

I painted my nails with 'Hot Orange' from the Nubar 'Get Hot' collection and then used that and 'Noir' from Nubar's 'Black Tie Affair' collection for the water marbling. I had trouble getting the polishes to behave when I was dragging them with an orange stick to make the pattern. I definitely need practice. Overall I am happy with my first attempt.


  1. I think it looks pretty for your first attempt! Nice color combination too ^^