Monday, 30 August 2010

Sinful - Torment

This is the second Sinful polish I have used, the colour is a cerise pink, slightly darker than it looks in the photo. It is a glitter polish.

It wasn't as easy to paint with as other polishes but I do like the look. I ended up using four thin coats, although I could probably have got away with three. At first it looked too sheer to give full coverage but by the third coat it was fine.

Edited to add:

The polish lasted really well, in fact after a week it was still perfect which for me is excellent as I tend to be hard on my nails. I only removed it because I wanted to try a different polish colour. It did take 50 minutes to remove, the longest I have ever taken to remove nail polish.

This is the UK range of 'Sinful' and not the US range 'Sinful Colors'.

I will be getting more of the UK 'Sinful' as I love the colours and the way it lasts on the nails. This one was a definite girly pink and I haven't come across this shade of glitter before, very pretty.

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  1. Look into the 'foil method' for removing glitter. It is much quicker. Beautiful color!