Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Nubar: Chocolate Coffee Bean and 24K

'Chocolate Coffee Bean' by Nubar is very dark brown with purple flecks. The purple flecks only show up in strong light but do add to the look. The polish looks almost black unless seen in bright light.

I decided to have another go at some nail art. The above photo shows both 'Chocolate Coffee Bean' and '24K' by Nubar. The line looks straighter/smoother in real life, thank goodness. I love '24K' it is a lovely gold shade.


  1. I like the brown, but isn't it disappointing when a pretty color only really shows up when it's in bright direct light?

  2. I'm very impressed with that combo...and I LOVE Nubar (just got a second order in today, btw, lol). I know that chocolate coffee bean looks great irl, sucks when the camera doesn't pick it up.